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Mold - Indoor Air Quality - Asbestos - Mycotoxins
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Your Trusted Indoor Environmental Consultant

Since 2012, Aether Assessments, LLC. has been dedicated to helping you evaluate, test, and resolve indoor environmental concerns. We are committed to providing compassionate  service for indoor air quality, mold and water damage, asbestos, and other indoor environmental concerns.


A common sense approach coupled with over 25 years of experience and continuing education.   During my career I have had the pleasure of working with clients including homeowners, national retail and hospitality chains, school districts, financial institutions, the healthcare industry, local/federal entities and more..

No Conflict of Interest

Aether does not provide remediation or abatement services.  Although we have working relationships with qualified contractors, by not providing these services in-house we have removed a potential conflict of interest. Our purpose is to help you identify and resolve your concern and we do not have a financial interest in making your project 'larger' than need be.

Personalized Service

We understand you are worried, or that you have an urgent project need.  We are always willing to discuss your individual needs and see how we can best assist you.  

Licensed & Certified

 Eric holds certifications with appropriate state licensure in the following areas:

  • Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) by ACAC

  • Respirare Labs Certified for AMEA & MESA Mycotoxin Testing

  • EPA AHERA Asbestos Inspector

  • EPA AHERA Asbestos Management Planner

  • EPA Lead-Based Paint Inspector

  • EPA Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessor

  • NIOSH 582 Equivalency (PCM Analysis)

Why Choose Us

Client Testimonials

"Because of the professional assessment provided, reliable testing, input and plan of correction suggested by Aether, my insurance adjuster had to take our water damage claim seriously.  Eric Mercer continued to answer questions for us throughout the entire restoration period.  I HIGHLY recommend Aether Associates and Mr. Eric Mercer!"

Donna M.

"It was great to work with you. I feel like you provided the information we needed without any unnecessary (and costly!) recommendations."

Jen F.

“Eric Mercer performed work on numerous projects for me over the past 5+ years.  He has always provided very professional services on each and every project.  He is also a wealth of information in regards to current or future projects.”

Stephen K.

Get In Touch 

Reach out to us so we can discuss your indoor environmental concerns. If you send an email, please also provide a phone number as it is easier to discuss your specific needs.  We typically service South Central Pennsylvania but will travel beyond if needed.

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 


We'll Be in Touch Soon!

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