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Just some of what we do...

Mold and Water Damage Assessments

Mold is everywhere. In your home, on your clothes, in your car - everywhere! However, given the right conditions it can quickly turn into an issue that needs to be properly addressed to minimize further building material degradation and potential occupant exposure. AETHER has extensive experience assisting clients of all types assess and make sensible recommendations to correct this concern.

Indoor Air Quality

It is estimated that we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. Numerous potential contaminant sources can negatively impact your health, productivity and overall quality of life. Finding a definitive source of your specific concern can sometimes be a daunting task and even if identifying the particular contaminant proves too expensive or elusive, there are often a whole host of deficiencies that, when corrected, can eliminate or improve your situation. AETHER has the experience to address these concerns within structures 

ranging from residences to lodging facilities to large commercial structures.

Asbestos-Containing Materials

Do you own an older home or commercial structure? Are you planning renovations? Given the widespread use of asbestos in many building products, chances are you could impact asbestos and render it airborne. There are numerous regulations that govern the handling and disturbance of asbestos - too many to summarize here! However, one that we have found is often overlooked is that, with few exceptions, an asbestos inspection is required by NESHAP 

on all demolitions and renovations to determine if and how much asbestos is present at the site - no matter how old the building is. Contact AETHER prior to renovations for a survey by a licensed asbestos inspector and so that we can help you wade through the numerous regulatory requirements.

Lead-Based Paint

According to the EPA, lead-based paint is the most significant source of lead exposure in the U.S. today. Most homes and buildings built before 1960 contain heavily leaded paint and some homes built as recently as 1978 (or newer) may also contain lead paint. Lead affects practically all systems within the body and at high levels it can cause convulsions, coma, and even death. Lower levels of lead can adversely affect the brain, central nervous system, blood cells, and kidneys, with children being the most susceptible. Just as with asbestos, there are numerous regulations that deal with lead-based paint and AETHER can help.


Although we do not provide accredited training programs, sometimes that isn't needed. Sometimes you just need someone to come and speak to your employees about a specific concern to help alleviate their concerns or so they are just better informed. Eric has conducted numerous educational meetings on topics ranging from 2-hour asbestos awareness training, to IAQ impacts during construction to mold awareness. Unless requested, or the format demands it, I prefer to just sit down and talk rather than try to dazzle people with a presentation and a fancy laser pointer while rambling on and on. Sitting together in an informal setting and discussing specific concerns and experiences is often far more engaging and informative.

And so much more.....

Not all issues fit neatly into a category or may not be extremely common. However, Eric Mercer of AETHER has the experience, education and common sense to help with issues that may be uncommon or "outside the box", such as:

  • Mercury-containing gymnasium rubberized flooring

  • Pigeon, bat or other animal excreta

  • Formaldehyde testing in school trailers

  • Assessments of PCB-containing caulk

  • Oversight of soot removal from a large HVAC system following a fire

  • Personal exposure monitoring

  • and so much more.....


"I wish to express my gratitude for your professional consulting and guidance through the process of various air quality and VOC testing for my property. With the sensitivity of my tenant/client, your professionalism and understanding concerning the matter was greatly appreciated." - David S., Managing Partner

“Eric Mercer performed work on numerous projects for me over the past 5+ years. He has always provided very professional services on each and every project. He is also a wealth of information in regards to current or future projects.” - Stephen Knight, Construction Manager 

“Eric Mercer has provided services over the past 5 years on a variety of projects. His services have included lead and asbestos testing/sampling, project monitoring of asbestos abatement, indoor air quality monitoring and oversight, mold inspection and abatement supervision, and various training for staff members. Eric has always been very professional to work with and a valuable resource for our company.” Thomas Aldstadt, CSP, Safety Coordinator

"I recently used Aether Assessments to check several rooms in my home prior to beginning renovation work. Eric was very prompt to respond to my request for services and was very flexible to scheduling his visit. The sampling was done thoroughly and in the least intrusive manner possible. A comprehensive report was received shortly thereafter which provided the information I needed. Eric was very knowledgeable, easy to work with and I appreciated his professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone seeking these kind of services." Mark Bryant, PE

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